The black turtleneck

February 12

So, another weekend ahead of us!

My plans? Definitely, the Vogue 100 exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London. I’m going there on Sunday, so I think it’s the best way of celebrating the Valentine’s day, haha! No, the exhibition has started yesterday, and it is a celebration of an 100 years Vogue anniversary. I must say, I can’t way to see it. Don’t worry, I’m already planning a post about it, so if you can’t  unfortunately go, stay in touch, and I’ll bring you a report!

Anyway, talking about Valentine’s day. Do you have any plans? Honestly, I am not a huge fan of it. I was single for a years, so reasonably I did not celebrate it, and even I’m not single now, I don’t feel like I need to celebrate now. Even though, it’s a nice tradition, and it’s a nice way how to do something nice for you boyfriend or girlfriend.

So, have a great weekend! And enjoy it with someone who you love!


Wind and Red Door

February 8
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Happy Monday,

I must tell you, the wind that we have been having in London during these days it’s horrible! Haha… I mean it’s so strong and cold! So, my uniform for days like this? Hat and scarf, wherever I go. I kind of always though that hats don’t suit me – when I have a short hair. But when I moved to London and realised that I cannot go out without one when it’s this windy, I was like ok.. let’s find a hat that actually suits me a bit, at least.. haha! So I went to my fav COS, and I found this beautiful set of hat and scarf. I do love it and I do love to wear it!

Anyway, to give you a little bit more detail on my mini collection – if I can call it like that. As you have already seen, it consists of a basic coat, t-shirt, some basic tops, and basic turtleneck dress. Can’t wait to show you the photos of it! Hopefully, you’ll  love it as much as I do!

Have a great week,

and P.S. follow your dreams!


The Coat

February 2

Happy Tuesday!

Today’s post is all about the coat. I don’t know about you, but I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. Somehow, the more oversized and the more long the coat is, the better for me! This one particular is from a Czech brand called Pietro Filipi – and its label Silverline, which is created by Ivana Mentlová. I already have a LBD dress by Silverline. When I passed half of my final exams this month I needed to celebrate (haha) so I bought the black blouse, that I’m wearing in today’s outfit. Anyway, as I think, all of us consider ourself as shopaholics, I’ve decided to try on another things from that collection. So, I chose this coat – It’s actually perfect – great material, great fit, great style – love it all! So, now I have this coat in my closet – but I got it as a gift!

Anyway, I haven’t bought a lot of things recently, and I am always trying to remember my article about sustainable fashion. But when I wear this coat or anything else from local designers I know, that sometimes it is better to invest into something that will last and its actually local, so you support the local business.

Have a wonderful week, and tell me do you love the coat as I do?


Jeans and Heels

January 28

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Hope you all had a great beginning of the new year! I’ve actually started this year with a lot of studying – working on my Master Thesis and part of my final exam – so nothing to be jealous about. Haha!

Anyway, today’s outfit was shot in December in London (yeah, 15 degrees!) and was inspired by places in Vegas. How do you describe Vegas? Bars, parties, hotels, restaurants, pools and a lot of fun and a lot of alcohol! When I was putting together this outfit I was inspired by Vegas.com. It was quite a challenge! As I do not wear high heels a lot, I was like yeah – Vegas means High heels! And then I paired it with my favourite ripped jeans and a leather moto jacket. To make it special I added my favourite clutch from ZARA – I think  this clutch makes every outfit gorgeous! Ideal outfit to wear to a dinner or to a bar!

Happy New Year! And I promise I’ll be back with my collection and much more outfits!


Sneak Peak of my mini collection

December 13

Hi everyone! It has been a while since I’ve posted something.. I am really sorry! It’s been a crazy time for me. I’ve started to work on my mini collection – taking me a lot of time. And I’ve started to write my Master Thesis. So, I was kind of only writing or sewing.. didn’t have time for anything else.

I hope you all are doing great! Christmas are coming, and it’s the time for relaxing, family and just doing nothing. I honestly can’t wait! Believe me..

I shoot these photos today, and since it’s winter and the I am in London, it’s kind of difficult to find at least a “good” weather to shoot in. So, I’m really sorry that the quality of the photos isn’t as good as I would love it to be. Anyway, my mini collection consists mostly of tops, shirts, turtleneck and one coat (that you have already seen). I’d love to show my two new pieces – V Back Top and Chiffon Tunic! I’ll make sure to bring you better photos soon, promise!

Have a wonderful time and I’ll be back soon!